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Advisory Committee Member

BBC Children in Need





Application Deadline:

Jul 31, 2024

About the organisation

    BBC Children in Need is the BBC’s UK Charity for children and young people. We believe that every child should have the chance to thrive and be the best they can be. We are committed to being there for children across the UK when they need us the most. Together with the BBC and our partners, we inspire the nation to support this work. Thanks to the support of the public and other supporters, we are able to make a real difference to the lives of children all across the UK through the grants we make.

About the vacancy

    Each Advisory Committee member is part of a small team, who collectively bring a range of skills, knowledge and experience including: working with children and young people; the voluntary sector; disability; social services; equal opportunities; business planning and finance; the rights of the child, and lived experience of some of the challenges we seek to address.

    Advisory Committees advise the Trustees of BBC Children in Need on grant awards. Committee members are highly valued, help to maintain the integrity of the Charity and help to achieve a balanced portfolio of grants, based on our strategic priorities, policies, guidelines and criteria.

    In addition to the Grant Allocation meeting, two Planning and Portfolio meetings are held each year for Advisory Committee members to collectively review the National or Regional grant portfolio and plan.

Key Responsibilities

    At present, Committee Members are expected to attend at least two of the six Grant Allocation meetings and a minimum of one of the Planning and Portfolio meetings each year. The total time commitment for this will be around 3 – 4 days. This includes time spent reading and absorbing the overview summary of all applications in readiness for participating in the discussion and decision making process as part of the Grant Allocation meeting and the Planning and Portfolio meetings. The papers for the meetings are sent out at least a week before the meeting to give Committee members time to look over them. The National or Regional team is also on hand to answer any questions Committee members may have.
    It is expected that the Grant Allocation meetings will be a mix of Zoom or face-to-face and take around two hours. This will be decided locally. Where held face to face, this will usually be at a BBC location within the Nation / Region, and travel, overnight and other related expenses will be recompensed.
    Planning and Portfolio meetings will ideally be held face-to-face usually at a BBC location in the Nation / Region, and travel, overnight and any other related expenses will be covered. Provision for the meeting to be held over Zoom will be made, if required.
    Committee members are also expected to take part in a minimum of one additional meeting during the year to undertake relevant training and development activities.

Key Competencies

    - Good listening skills
    - Ability to strive for a consensus
    - Ability to pace a meeting appropriately
    - Analytical skills and interpretation of complex written and financial information
    - Ability to assess feasibility of projects
    - Good communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate with people of all types and at all levels
    - Good decision making skills
    - Ability to think strategically, discuss and debate in a meeting environment
    - Ability to remain objective and retain an overview
    - Ability to meet tight deadlines, time management and prioritisation skills
    - IT literacy to competent standard
    - Flexibility and adaptability
    - A good understanding of the voluntary and statutory sectors
    - Good knowledge of local / national areas
    - A sound understanding of issues facing disadvantaged children and young people

    - Skills/experience of assessing

Desired Qualifications

    No specific qualifications are required.
BBC Children in Need

How to Apply

Applications should be emailed to: (National Head – Scotland) and titled: Private and Confidential – Scotland Advisory Committee Application

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