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About Us 

What we do

At EqualJobs, our mission is to foster an inclusive and diverse workforce across all employers.


As a jobs platform developed by CEMVO Enterprise CIC, our primary objective is to facilitate direct engagement between employers and ethnic minority job seekers.

We accomplish this by offering a platform for advertising job vacancies, enabling employers to reach out to CEMVO’s extensive network of ethnic minority groups and communities across Scotland, and connect with a diverse pool of talented people.

Team Meeting

Our Values

Our core values center around creating an inclusive and supportive environment for ethnic minority communities in Scotland. We strive to foster a sense of connection, belonging, and empowerment within these communities.

At EqualJobs, we actively work towards achieving our values by:

Connecting Employers: We proactively seek to connect employers from various sectors with local ethnic minority groups and communities. By facilitating these connections, we aim to create opportunities for employment and growth.

Marketing Job Vacancies: We utilize our platform to effectively market job vacancies, ensuring that they reach a wide audience within the ethnic minority communities. This approach not only benefits employers by attracting diverse and qualified candidates but also opens up new avenues of opportunity for job seekers.

Raising Awareness of EDI Policy: We are committed to promoting and raising awareness of equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) policies among employers. By highlighting the importance of creating inclusive work environments, we encourage employers to adopt and implement EDI practices.

Educational Content: We provide educational resources and content to both employers and job seekers. These valuable materials provide insights and guidance on Fair Work practices that foster equality and diversity in the workplace. Additionally, we address the unique challenges encountered by ethnic minority applicants, equipping them with tools to navigate the job market successfully.

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